Beds Independent Pool League Summer 2024


03/06/2024, League week 2

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Premiership Division
Marston Club     Greyfriars A
Daleys B     Wootton Blue Cross A
Bedford Legends A     Daleys Dishers
Greyfriars Golfaholics     Bye 1
Division 1
Bedford Legends B     Kempston Con Club A
The Duke     Legends Ringers
Bye 2     Oakley Sports Social Club
The Con Club 7     Kempston Hammers
Division 2
Wingfield Club BLS     Greyfriars X
Daleys Wannabees     Bye 3
The Bluebell     Exec Club A
Greyfriars W     Meltis Club
Division 3
The Bear     The Barley Mow
Russell Park Club     Bye 4
Wootton Blue Cross B     i-Daleys
Kempston Con Club C     The Studio Club

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