Beds Independent Pool League Summer 2024


Name Team
Brian Cox Bedford Legends A
Michael Shearer Daleys Dishers
Chris Murrary Bedford Legends A
Avi Sandhu Bedford Legends A
Tarzan Sandhu Bedford Legends A
Richard Davison Bedford Legends A
Paul Upton Bedford Legends A
Gary Bangher Bedford Legends A
Dave Herbert Daleys Dishers
Jack Spada Daleys Dishers
Jimbo Holmes Daleys Dishers
Ben Young Greyfriars Golfaholics
Darrell Whitworth Greyfriars Golfaholics
Brett Williams Greyfriars Golfaholics
Ken Critcheley Greyfriars Golfaholics
Adam Wheller Greyfriars Golfaholics
Colin Albone Greyfriars Golfaholics
Michael Prunty Greyfriars Golfaholics
Robert Goldsmith Daleys B
Terence Guymer The Con Club 7
Vicky Guymer The Con Club 7
Andrew Faulkner The Con Club 7
Jonny Hills Daleys Wannabees
Kev Foreman Daleys Wannabees
Jack Foreman Daleys Wannabees
Sean Hendry Bedford Legends B
Josh Emmerton Bedford Legends B
Kayleigh Hendry Bedford Legends B
Dan Moss The Bear
Simon Dodwell Legends Ringers
Glen Hannibal Legends Ringers
Darren Nolan Legends Ringers
Selina Hammer Legends Ringers
Becky Jo Daubney Legends Ringers
Rhian Welch Legends Ringers
Colleen O’donnell Legends Ringers
Adam Linnell Legends Ringers
Lucas Singh Bedford Legends B
Sammy Masih Daleys Dishers
Andy Curtis Wingfield Club BLS
Jack Ambler Wingfield Club BLS
Kev White Wingfield Club BLS
Chris Harrison Wingfield Club BLS
Lewis Wilson Wingfield Club BLS
Freddie Hipgrave Wingfield Club BLS
Kevin Spittle Wingfield Club BLS
Anthony Ryan Wingfield Club BLS
Emma Davies Legends Ringers

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