Beds Independent Pool League Summer 2024


Premiership Division outstanding matches
Date   Home Away Rearranged Notes
20/05/2024 League week 1 Greyfriars A Greyfriars Golfaholics    
20/05/2024 League week 1 Wootton Blue Cross A Marston Club    
10/06/2024 League week 3 Wootton Blue Cross A Bedford Legends A    
10/06/2024 League week 3 Marston Club Greyfriars Golfaholics    
Division 2 outstanding match
Date   Home Away Rearranged Notes
03/06/2024 League week 2 Greyfriars W Meltis Club   To Be played on catch up night

There are no outstanding matches in Division 1 or Division 3.

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